Daily Marijuana News 8-8-15

By on August 8, 2015

First off, we have this report from Natural News that shows CBD helps heals fractured bones faster and grows them back stronger than pre break. Pretty fascinating. We know that cannabis is extremely valuable healthwise for many people providing relief from a multitude of ailments but broken bones is a new one on us. Did you know this?

 Marijuana helps heal broken bones, and even makes them strongerhttp://www.naturalnews.com/050693_broken_bones_marijuana_osteoporosis.html

 Marijuana helps heal broken bones, and even  makes them stronger, scientists discover (NaturalNews) A marijuana chemical known as cannabinoid  cannabidiol (CBD) helps fractures heal faster  and even make the bones stronger than they were before, according to a study conducted by  researchers from Tel Aviv University and Hebrew  University and published in the Journal of

In the not so cool news, our tax dollars are still funding raids on “illegal” marijuana growing operations around the country. Makes us sick to think of all the healing that would have come from 55,000 cannabis plants. Also disgusting is how this will fuel more funding into these sorts of activity. Nationwide legalization already, we have real problems to address as a culture. And people choosing to use an ancient plant with hundreds of positive properties shouldn’t be one of them.

Over 50K Pot Plants Eradicated During California Indian Reservation Raidshttp://www.hightimes.com/read/over-50k-pot-plants-eradicated-during-california-indian-reservation-raids

Over 50K Pot Plants Eradicated During California Indian Reservation Raids According to California’s Eureka Times-Standard, a two-week multi-agency operation that ended last week eradicated some 55,000 cannabis plants on and around the Yurok Indian reservation. The Yurok Tribe carried out similar raids last year, eradicating 15,000 plants, a

In the “far out man” division of todays run down, you can now get your marijuana delivered by drone. Some people were worried about robots sent from the future to terminate mankind, we’re all about some robots sent from a delivery center so we can sparkinate some kind. Stay cool, canna-entrepreneurs. What will you come up with next.

You Can Now Order Marijuana by Dronehttp://www.highsnobiety.com/2015/08/06/marijuana-drone-delivery-service/

You Can Now Order Marijuana by Drone Every package comes with a variety of flower, extracts and accessories. Watch the campaign video above then check out Colorado’s most luxurious marijuana dispensaries.

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